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Seller Requirements & Referrals 

One of our goals is to help prepare Rastafarian sellers (specifically those of African descent) to compete within their respective business and creative industries.

We stress the importance of branding, marketing and having a solid business plan. We prioritize sellers who have one our more of the following:

  • website or online shop
  • social media presence
  • logo and brand name
  • business or marketing plan
  • Association of Rastafari Creatives membership

    Seller Referrals

    We are currently prioritizing those who are referred to us by current sellers.

    We have updated our application to include a section for you to add referrals.

    When applying, please provide the name/shop name or contact information of the seller(s) who referred you.


    Seller Products

    We are currently seeking sellers who provide PHYSICAL & DIGITAL products including but not limited to:

    • Beauty products
    • Books
    • Ceremonial and cultural garments
    • Crafts & handmade items
    • Educational resources
    • Fashion accessories
    • Fine Art
    • Health & wellness products
    • Home decor
    • Jewelry
    • Maternity and feminine hygiene products
    • Music & film
    • Mens clothing
    • Stationery
    • Tams, turbans and headwraps
    • Womens clothing
    • Youth clothing
    • & more!

    Now that you have reviewed the Seller Requirements you can move on to Step 2: Seller Plans: