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I-Lan' in di Sun by Nana Farika Berhane
I-Lan' in di Sun by Nana Farika Berhane
I-Lan' in di Sun by Nana Farika Berhane

I-Lan' in di Sun by Nana Farika Berhane

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I-Lan’ in di Sun is a collection of poetry featuring life in Jamaica and its Diaspora from a Rastafari woman’s perspective. It is an invocation of memory; childhood memories, memories of young love, marriage, history, revolutions and of a beloved country left behind for a new life in the United States. Inspired by Louise Bennett, Nana Farika writes in the language she remembers hearing while growing up.

The book opens with poems in honor of the legendary Maroons. The Nanni poems in honor of the legacy of National Hero Nanny (Nanni) of the Maroons set the tone and timbre of the collection that traces a rites of passage trajectory of Nana Berhane’s life from birth to puberty, to adulthood and marriage, all of which culminate in a deep commitment to Pan-African liberation and the spiritual culture of Rastafari. Thus, her love for her people is global and unconditional; it resonates in the nommo and the rhythm of lyrics that make you want to dance.

Her tepid language and use of Jamaican dialect and modes of expression gives a musicality to her poems as subtle as a tropical breeze, though there is little subtlety in the message of the music that comes across with the clarity of thunder. Nana Farika restores the unity of poetry and music with a prosody that promises only the unpredictable, soft and salient, traditional yet modern and always in the moment.